• Naughty or Nice Calendar

    Parents you and your kids will love Santa's "Naughty or Nice Calendar". Keep track of how your kids are doing, send it to Santa each month and get special gifts from Santa throughout the year. Also kids will receive inspirational messages and reminders like "obey your parents" "be nice to others" "do well in school to get good grades" and more. Parents can also ask Santa to share special messages.

    Get Santa's Calendar
    Naughty or Nice Calendar
  • Get Santa Text

    "Get Santa Text" is a fun and popular Google Play Android App that allows kids to text Santa and receive a text message back from Santa (if he's not too busy gathering gifts) There's also the "Text Get Santa" iOS iPhone App available in he Apple Store.

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    Get Santa Text
  • Santa Video

    Available again in October 2017. Awesome and rare Personal Video Message from Santa Claus for the kids. Every kids wants to know what Santa has in store for them, so why not find out. Give your kids the best gift this Christmas. This is also a great way to share an awesome business greeting to your clients.

    Santa Video
  • Santa Letter

    Kids Santa will write you a Personal Letter just for you. Don't you want to know what Santa is thinking about giving you for Christmas? Do you want to know if you're on his Nice or Naughty List? Here's you chance to get connected with Santa. Get your Santa Letter Now!!!

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    Santa Letter
  • Santa's List

    Santa’s List

    Santa is checking his list once, he's checking it twice. Find out if you're on Santa's Nice or Naughty's list. Write Santa and find out.

    Santa’s List
  • Fun House

    Play Games

    Find Games
    Fun House
Personalized Santa Letter
Personalized Santa Letter

Every kids wants a letter from Santa. Give them the gift they will remember forever.

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Ho! Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Santa will do personalized greeting for your business. Ready to upload to your website. More coming soon, especially T-Shirts

Give a Kid a Free Video
Santa Video Message
Santa Video Message

Kids Santa has something to say to you. Get your personal video message from Santa.

Santa Video
Text Santa
Text Santa

Download the Get Santa Text App and send Santa a Text Now!

Download for Android and iOS iPhone

Personalized Letter from Santa

Personal Letter from Santa

Get Letters from Santa
Available All Year Long!

Hey Santa's Helpers, Let Your Parents Know that Santa can keep in touch with you at anytime of the year by writing you a personal letter.
Available Right Now!!! Order Here!

  • Personalized for your Son or Daughter
  • Continues the Joy of Christmas for your child
  • Santa Will Write A Special Letter For Anyone You Want
  • Delivered to your personal email
  • Santa always sends a bonus too
  • Discount with Promo Code
  • Timely Delivery usually within 48 hours

Recent Santa Letters

  • Hi Santa, What can I get for Christmas? I've been really good this year, much better than before. I really would like a iPad this year and ...


  • Santa, my brother has been really naughty and mean to me. I think he should be on your naughty list and don't get...


  • How's Rudolph? What time will you be to my house? I want to stay up but my mom says that you won't come if I'm awake. Is that true...


  • Santa will you write my sister Kayla a letter? She's 5 months old and can't write herself. I will read your letter to her when...


  • My birthday is on Christmas so I don't think I get all the gifts I should get so will you bring me some extra gifts Santa? I really want...


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