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  • Santa's Naughty or Nice Calendar

    Keep track of your child's Naughty or Nice days. Kids receive positive feedback and encouragement.
  • If you ordered the Single Month Calendar, please write here which month you would like.
  • Provide email address to send Calendar. This address will serve as the registered address for Calendar as well.
  • What's your child's first name and last name initial? Boy or Girl?
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Santa’s Naughty or Nice  Calendar

Parents you and your kids will love Santa’s “Naughty or Nice Calendar”.
Keep track of how your kids are doing, send it to Santa each month and get special gifts from Santa throughout the year.

Also kids will receive inspirational messages and reminders like “obey your parents” “be nice to others” “do well in school to get good grades” and more.

Parents can also ask Santa to share special messages.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Order Calendar per month, quarter, half-year or full year
  • Calendar will be registered with Santa Claus
  • Make a note daily or when certain actions warrant noting.
  • You may summarize the month at bottom of page or add a special note to Santa that you would like him to address with your children
  • Email the calendar portion back to Santa
  • Santa will read and follow-up accordingly with you and your child
  • Santa will send periodic messages, letters and various digital gifts to your child
  • At the end of the year, along with the parents suggestion, Santa will provide documentation of the Naughty or Nice List that your child is on
  • This should be a fun project for parents and children to work together on
  • Watch the positive improvements of your child through this Calendar
  • Kids already love Santa but don’t always feel connected
  • This is a great way to keep the Spirit of Christmas Alive and Well

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