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  • Personal Santa Letter

    Personalized Letter from Santa Claus
  • Provide email address to send the finished letter to.
  • What's your child's first name? Boy or Girl? Any special details.
  • What Month Was Your Child Born In?
  • List Sibling Names, boys and girls. Any special details as well. If none, type None.
  • Give name of pet and what kind. Any special details as well. If no pets, type None.
  • What are three things on their Christmas list?
  • What is something you want to say or ask Santa?
  • Parents First Name and any specific message

  • First Name of Parents and any other specific message.
  • Enter a Promo Code for discount.
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Letters From Santa Claus

Kids Santa is waiting to write a letter to you. He has something special to say to you and only you. 

Santa is very tech savy, meaning he uses the computers and email a lot so he will email a letter to you so you can get it fast.

Get yours now by filling out the information.

Follow these instructions:

  • Only give your first name, Do Not give last name
  • Only give the city that you live in, Do not give your address
  • Do not give your phone number
  • Only give your siblings first name
  • Only give your age, not your full birth date
  • Do not give the name of the school you attend.
  • You can give you pet’s name and type
  • You can ask a question to Santa
  • You can share your Christmas list
  • Discount with Promo Code

Contact Us with any questions.

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